Mobile Saunas

West-coast Sauna culture has been creatively evolving in British Columbia. For over 14 years, the BC Mobile Sauna Society has been converting trucks, buses, and trailers into Finnish-style Saunas, taking their social sauna culture into unexpected places; cultural venues, backyards, protest camps, and glacier-fed lakes to name a few. A world apart from the experience offered at hotels, spas, and rec centre saunas, the BCMSS has fostered a culture that promotes sociability, conviviality, and interdisciplinary exchange.

Publik Secrets partnered with the Mobile Sauna Society to design and build a sauna that is lightweight and flexible enough to be used for temporary urban and wilderness applications. The prototype featured a canvas-tent enclosure that wraps onto a minimal cedar framework. This tent sauna is used for weekly sauna-gatherings in East Vancouver as an ongoing space for connection and a site for community well-being.